50 Doors Rescue Challenge


TTN Games presents a new 50 rooms escape challenge.

50 rooms full of logic puzzles and tricky riddles are waiting for you to rescue the girl.

Meet the 50 Doors & Rooms Series - one of the most popular classic point-and-click games of all time. In '50 Rooms - Doors Challenge Escape', you will be challenged by several tricky puzzle levels in the adventure escape game genre. Are you ready to unlock the door? Let's try to escape the room by unlocking doors. Brainteaser games 2020.

Challenging new 50 levels that make it always fun to play. The ultimate doors challenge game with 50 room escape game levels to boost your escaping level.

Join the new home escape adventure and unlock all the doors and rooms. You have to complete 50 different room levels, challenge your memory skills, escape the doors, solve the unique puzzles and quest. In this door escape game, you will have to prove your skills and you will need to unlock a new unlock door on your rescue the girl.

Are You Ready for the 50 rooms challenge? I waited for it to download the addictive room escape games. The game is suitable for the whole family, for fans of 100 doors escape.

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Every new level is a unique puzzle challenge that is more difficult to escape the room. With amazing riddles, by solving them, you will test your thinking level, open new doors. In order to pass a level, you have to search for hidden objects, quest, tricky puzzles and brain teaser.

Escape Room Play one of the classical door escape games with mystery keys and enjoy this brain challenge game for free that will boost your memory skills and concentration. Solve the riddle of each mystery room, floor escape, escape room, house escape and open the door to escape from the mansion.

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