2D Walk Evolution | Xbox One

2D Walk Evolution
Xbox One

Software that simulate 2D Evolving Creatures.

 How Creatures work:
A Creature is composed by springs, "muscles" and a neural network.
There are "intelligent" and "dumb" springs. First ones change their rest length according to the neural network outputs.
The others simply react to external forces to mantain their invariable rest lengths.
From V6 there are "muscles". Muscle is an angle constrain between two links. The NN outputs determinate even the Angle that they must have.
The Creature's Neural Network Inputs are: Vx,Vy & "Pressure" of touching ground  Points, Creature Rotation  (DX and DY), Height from ground, X Y Velocities and Rotational Velocity.
The Creature's Neural Network Outputs are: "Intelligent" springs rest lengths and Muscles rest angles. [Lowest Fitness=Best Creature]