3Dmaze | Xbox One

Xbox One

The duo who found a strange house enters the house with curiosity. However, if you enter, the door disappears and you search for a mansion to escape. 

 It was the first 3D game production. I actually thought that I would make an ordinary 2D game, but a person who can make 3D accidentally joins, and by chance, that person makes a 3D game and submits a plan, and by chance everyone has that plan I thought it was a chance because there were no people who participated in the project. 

 However, compared to 2D games, I started from a state where I didn't know the right or left of 3D, so I had a hard time getting basic knowledge.

 I learned the 3D model terminology and how to handle it, the balance with the listener of the 3D sound source, the volume, and the shadow, so I learned the basic syntax of the HLSL language. 

 It was the hardest time for this project, but I felt it was fun.