A Demon's Puppet | Xbox One

A Demon's Puppet
Xbox One

My game is called A Demon’s Puppet. It is a single player level-progression game. You play as a Human puppet who is training to become a demon. There is a demon AI in the game that if you approach she gives you the task for the level. It is similar to some Mario games in which the player can roam a 2D world and pick level they want to work on then go into a 3D space. There are no constrains to follow a linear path,  a player can exit a level and jump right into another. 

  • [WASD} Walking
  • [J] Punching
  • [Esc] Pause
  • Save points
  • Collecting coins
  • Collecting notes
  • 2 different projectile enemies
  • 1 melee enemy

I made some UI/UX assets and implemented them into a copy of the project. There is no downloadable content with the UI/UX because not all the levels had the assets implemented to. So here is a video showing the UI/UX