"A Grim Birthday" | Xbox One

"A Grim Birthday"
Xbox One

"A Grim Birthday" follows the story of Bobbet, a young automaton celebrating her 8th birthday alone, as usual. When, out of the blue, she receives a parcel, which suddenly  appears in the centre of her room...

Can you help her unpack this late birthday present, and uncover the mysteries that await within?


Hey all!

Just wanted to let you all know that, while this game is intended to be part of university work, I hope to further develop the concept behind this game in the future, especially in regards to making it a full series. I want to take the basic concept and create something pretty big, so thankfully this little assignment task has taught me quite a bit about designing a level, even in a small space.

However, for the time being, this is just a sort-of prototype for a bigger series, while keeping my boundaries of "A singular room" game in place for uni work. Still, I have had plenty of fun making this, and I hope you like it too :D

Regardless, thank you so much for looking at my work, and I hope to make bigger and better things in the future! ^^

P.S: I sincerely apologise about the audio, as I have no real audio-editing skills and made the best with what I knew. It may be either too low or too loud, so please make sure to turn your devices audio up or down respectively. Thank you, and once again I'm sorry!


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