A western love story (but with no horse) | Xbox One

A western love story (but with no horse)
Xbox One

♦ What ?
It's a game in a personal diary. It's a love letter addressed to a certain cowboy. It's a roadtrip with two lovers who will fight for each other and get to a happy ending.

♦ How ?
This game was made with Construct 2 and TV Paint Animation Pro. All visuals and the poorly executed guitar noises was made by myself, the birds and nature sounds come from www.universal-soundbank.com
This is the first half version of the game, for now it's only a sort of visual novel but later I'll add some cool little minigames to rythme the narration and make it more "playable" (even if I know a game doesn't HAVE to be playable but, anywyay, that's what I plan to do)

For now to play this game you only need a space bar and to sit comfortably ♥

♦ Why ?
This little game was made for the Gay Western Jam, in december 2019.

♦ Thanks !
to Robert Yang, for proposing this nice gamejam (and for his whole work in general)
to my partner for their support and for helping me with text translations. 

♦ Why "with no horse" ?
When you think "cowfolk" you also almost always think "horse". Like, horses are important for the "Western mood". I like horses, you know. They are cool animals. I respect them. But I absolutely don't know how to draw them. So, no horses in this game.