Abyss (itch) (Quentin_Frehring) | Xbox One

Abyss (itch) (Quentin_Frehring)
Xbox One


Abyss is a 2D survival game I made for the mi-Semester of the second year of Game Design Bachelor.

The goal is to survive until you escape form the cave in which the game happen, the player have to find a way out of the maze, but he has to stay alert and sneak out in order to stay alive. If the player finds his way out, a phase of more intense gameplay will the come until he reach the last safe zone. The main challenge is based on a creature that patroll around, a feedback communicate to the player that he is not safe in the very moment and that the creature may attack him. We wanted to bring an imminent and omnipresent danger experience to the player by achieving this. 

The main mechanic of the game is the light the player can emit in order to see his close environment and find his way out. However if the creature is nearby and the player do not reduce the light radius, while also stop moving, then the creature will appear and kill the player. 

Hope you'll have fun.