Acid Nimbus | Xbox One

Acid Nimbus
Xbox One

Acid nimbus is an action game in which you will have to manage your ammunition, dodge projectiles, charge with your bayonet and position on the stage wisely to withstand the maximum number of attacks and get the highest score.

It consists of 5 stages of various characteristics with several types of enemies, and a selection of rifles that can be unlocked upon reaching the required score. Each stage has its own amazing music.

Whenever the player has enough acid in the tank, the protagonist can shoot her rifle. To recharge her ammunition, she must position herself above the pools of acid that appear in random spots on the stage.

The protagonist can also make a charge with the bayonet, and this ability has a cooldown of about 3 seconds. The bayonet kills all enemies within its reach, and can also destroy the enemy projectiles. The bayonet charge is a skill that allows you to reposition yourself on the map to escape compromising situations or to kill multiple enemies in the same area.