Action Agency | Xbox One

Action Agency
Xbox One

Current status: playable alpha!


Action Agency is a third person shooter powered that aims for ridiculousness over realism. Inspired by every classic action movie, show, or video game from the 90s onward, Action Agency will have a series of levels pitting you against guerrilla mercenaries, self-aware robots, and sinister cults that bring forth all manner of evil things to shoot. Use weapons ranging from rocket pistols to plasma rifles to destroy the bad guys as well as the cover they're hiding behind and the structures behind that.


Work is progressing towards the demo, which will include:

  • Weapons: Melee, Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Grenades, Rocket Launcher
  • Enemies: Rifleman, Pistoleer, Shotgunner, Boss
  • Completed jungle level with 5 enemy arenas + boss arena + 1 secret area

The current build is missing the rocket launcher & melee weapons, enemy models, boss AI, and the saving/loading system, a few animations, and more enemy arenas.