Xbox One

Hey guys! My name is Ivan, and I'm creator of Ailment, I'm solo developer and this one is my very first game. I started not long time ago, and it took me around 9 months to complete this game, drawing and coding and lots of other stuff related to game development. Originally the game was made for iOS and Android phones, and it was released on May 1 2019, and it got downloaded around 250K+ times within 3 months with pretty good rate(4.6 AppStore/GooglePlay). It seemed insane for me, for newbie solo-developer, who never has not done it before. Players were asking whether it would appear on PC, and now there you go! Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

Ailment is a pixel-art action game which takes place on a spaceship in a far far galaxy. The main character wakes up in a spaceship after being unconscious for three days and all of his crew became enemies. The last thing he remembers was returning from the other ship where he had a rescue mission. But everyone on that ship was already dead... He has to remember what happened and find out the truth.


* Many different weapon
* Brutal death animations
* Exciting story
* Pixel art graphics
* Always talkative character
* Atmospheric sound effects
* Dramatic surrounding
* Ability to bring NPCs with you