Alien Swarm (Ludum Dare39 submission) | Xbox 360

Alien Swarm (Ludum Dare39 submission)
Xbox 360

The world's gone to hell and you're the lone survivor against a never ending swarm of aliens. You might not make it out of this alive but you're gonna give em hell before you go!


Aliens can drop fuel cans. Collect the fuel cans and refill your generator to power your turrets. Turrets increase fuel consumption while activated. You’re going to need to use them to survive but you also have to make that fuel last because you’re gonna need it! Generator health and fuel bars are on the top right. If it runs out of health or fuel the turrets shut off. Add in more fuel and you can activate turrets again as long as it still has health. If the generator is dead, you’re on your own.


movement = wasd

fire = left mouse click

interact = e

escape  toggles hide mouse

mouse y axis tilts the gun up and down

mouse x axis rotates player