Xbox One

The Sun Falls Behind the Horizon.You are the only survivor after a tragic plane crash to the extremely cold Siberian wilderness in 1983, Soviet Union. After you have fled the crash site, you are faced with a huge obstacle, "How to stay warm?" and more importantly, "How to stay alive?".

The game consists of a camp menu, where you can manage your inventory, craft, go hunting etc. and an overworld where you can collect resources for your camp and find new and interesting locations. The game also has a few puzzles to solve during the story.

Can you survive till you are rescued. Or, will you even be rescued?Features♦ Elegant, Minimalistic Pixel Art

♦ Many Items to Find

♦ Over 2 Hours of Gameplay

♦ Achievements

♦ 2 Difficulties: Hard and Extreme

♦ Mostly Randomized Gameplay