American Angst (Steam Deluxe Edition)
Xbox One

Imagine a horror novel where you get to make the choices and decide how the story plays out: Welcome to American Angst, a text-based multiple-choice survival horror game with multiple endings, RPG elements, turn-based combat and more.

A choice-based game with dark humor set in a very near future dystopian United States, you try to escape from an underground prison complex – all the while suffering from amnesia, fighting off guards seeking your death, and slowly unravelling the mystery that brought you to this place, as you traverse the thin line between survival and revenge…

Created with Twine by M3G1DD0 aka Misha Verollet, American Angst is an interactive fiction in the vein of Choose your own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy games.

The Steam Deluxe Edition comes with bonus content not available in the free edition!

  • Four distinct endings: Even minor decisions impact the narrative
  • Replay value: The full story unfolds through the different endings
  • Monitor your stats: Health, panic status, inventory, weapons, ...
  • Turn-based Combat System
  • Autosave and Checkpoints
  • Text-based, no graphics or sound effects: Your imagination is your best friend and worst enemy
  • Warning: Graphic Violence, Explicit Language, Dark Humor, Gore
  • Approx. 55k words
  • Approx. 45 - 60 minutes of estimated play time (depending on your pace and choices you make)

Set to be released in October 2017!