Angry Skeletal | Xbox One

Angry Skeletal
Xbox One

Angry Skeletal is a game created by 7 students of the Games Academy in Berlin.

Play as the angriest skeleton you've ever seen while protecting your cargo from the space robbers on your way home.

In this game you go slowly upwards while fighting wave after wave of enemies until you reach the boss. Yes, we have a boss, that also wants to steal all your stuff. Upon reaching the boss, the game's perspective will change and the battle will be sideways instead of top down.

This is a relatively small game made, as said previously, by students.

We consist of:

3 Programmers:

  • Kay Henning
  • Kevin Trost
  • Ricardo Biolchini

3 Artists:

  • Hendrik Schrewe
  • Hristo Mitev
  • Christopher Helmig

1 Game Designer:

  • Lucas Klimke