Animal Hunter in Desert Pro

Hey Hunter! Let's go for real modern frontline hunting wild animals in the deserts with pack of modern sniper guns. Get ready for Animal Hunting in Safari Desert, is an action packed game. In this Frontier Animal Hunting in Safari Desert you are like a HUNTER, just take the action packed SNIPERS in your hand and start shooting wild adventure and thrilling animals. Game is made in 3 deserts, keep in mind you are hunter of best shooting game in desert 2018. Just Start hunting and proof yourself to be best HUNTER in 2018 by shooting the animals in the desert. Game is giving you best chance to be a DESERT SHOOTER by practicing your sniper skills.

Animal Hunting in Desert Pro providing you best simulation of hunting games in DESERTS. In wild hunting there are number of wild animals to hunt. Get real shooting and hunting target experience by just playing the game. The Hunter! you can shoot animals like tiger, hippo, crocodile, hyena, gorilla, lion, bear, cheetah, rhino and wolf.


- Wild hunting animals with modern Snipers
- Each Level contains a different adventure and action of hunting a specific Animal
- Four Best Sniper with upgrade options
- Daily Reward cash on playing game daily basis
- Cash Packs by just watching different videos
- MUSIC and SOUND volume adjustment in the Settings
- 24 Levels in Each Desert of Hunting Different Animal
- 3 Deserts