Another Zombie Game (lwhite14) | Xbox One

Another Zombie Game (lwhite14)
Xbox One

Another Zombie Game

The dead have been raised! Zombies have decided to raid a small village, and our hero has decided to take a stand and defend the poor people. Will he be triumphant, or will he succumb to the same fate as he enemy?


WASD - Movement

Cursor - Aim

Left Mouse - Fire

Control the Hero to destroy zombies and reach the end of the level. Certain areas can only be accessed with keys, other area will require you to unlock with a ball activated switch. Reach the end of the levels and acquire the high score!


If a zombie is killed when entering a building the game will crash. You've been warned!

Only available for windows.

Simply extract the zip and run "Zombie Shooter.exe" to start the game.