Arise Skeleton! DEMO | Xbox One

Arise Skeleton! DEMO
Xbox One

This is the first release of a upcoming hardcore platformer, which includes only the first level. You can beat the game in just few minutes. I'm releasing this demo in hopes to get feedback on the restrictive player jumping and graphics. Now, the intro:

As the forces of Good march upon the generous Necromancer, all skeletons hear a call:

"Arise Skeleton! Your Master commands you!"

But nobody knows what the command actually is. As such, you, a little skeleton, are forced to find your Master by reaching the top of his Tower while the war rages around you.

As a beginner with Unity I have decided not to learn Unity 2D by copying tutorials, and instead I decided to make my own game and learn from my failures and incorrect design choices. Now I'm confident with my workflow and I intend to keep working on this game.

My intention is to make a total of 15 difficult levels where a small mistake can send you back flying to levels bellow. Later levels will include logic puzzles or dexterity tasks. Oh and perceptive and dedicated players will be rewarded with shortcuts, workarounds, dumb undead-pop-culture references and dad-jokes.