Ascenders | Xbox One

Xbox One

Adapt to simplistic, but dynamically changed environment and be the first one to reach the Beacon at the top of the tower!

Generate glass cubes and use them to climb up swiftly 

Shoot blasts to smash opponent’s structures 

Take advantage of the shock waves

Engage in melee range and knock-back your opponent around

Ascenders combines and extracts the best from shooter, platformer and race genres. It’s a swift 1v1 race in an enclosed tower with simplistic, but dynamically changed environment.

Requirements: 2 (two) Xbox 360 Controllers OR PS4 Controllers 

Installation: Unpack the .zip file, run Ascenders.exe 

Your antivirus program (eg. Avast) sometimes scans the game before it can be launched, so please wait before the scan is done.