Ascii RPG | Xbox One

Ascii RPG
Xbox One


 Mouse Only (If you want to reset your data, press O & P at the same time)


You are a lost soul in a dark dungeon filled with monsters and large dragons. You've been stripped of your past self as you try to remember who you were.

  1. Ability to upgrade your character through points, gained from combat or dying. Your stats are saved for the net time you play.
  2. If you manage to get to the end, you can play again with a higher difficulty. Causing enemies to become stronger each time you win.

Sadly, we ran out of time before i could implement other planned elements like:

  1. Interactive tutorial level, where you can pick a profession, your core attribute and your preferred combat style.
  2. Loot system, using chests to give random weapons and armour. As you can see with the players hand, he is actually holding many different weapons at once. 
  3. Actually use the up gradable skills, as they are not used right now. To build bridges, break doors, open chests, etc.
  4. Boss battle, where you fight a massive red dragon.
  5. Balancing! Never got the time to do any balancing.
  6. Improve audio, as it's not ideal.
  7. Change the visuals into Ascii. (Fog, Terrain, Lava, etc)
  8. And more...

Created by: Hayden's Studio
Engine Used: Unity 3D

All 3D models were created by hand using Ascii only characters. All textures and animations/rigs (Exept for the player) are hand made.

All code was created from scratch, no copy-pasting.


($100) A* Pathfinding:
(Humanoid Auto Rigger) Mixamo:
(Player Animations) Mixamo:
($45 Music Pack) The Indie Devs Nation:


(Standard Dragon Roar) Created by Slaking_97:

(Boss Dragon Roar) Created by icyjim:

(Dragon Death) Created by debsound:

(Player Death) Created by theuncertainman:


(2D Font) Liberation Sans, by Red Hat:

(3D Font) Bfont, a default Blender 3D font. Which is a variation of the deja vu sans font.