Asteroids Attack (Theta and Pi Software) | Xbox One

Asteroids Attack (Theta and Pi Software)
Xbox One

This game was made for the PowerPoint Game Jam. It's a very simple one level game where you fly a spaceship and have to shoot/dodge asteroids and enemy ships. The novelty is that, by the rules of the jam, it was made in PowerPoint (which you will need to play it). 

This was built and tested using a Windows operating system on PC. I would not expect it to work on any other environment even if there is a version of PowerPoint installed.

Keep in mind, this was very much built as a novelty and to see what I could make. PowerPoint is not designed as a game engine and is particularly not designed to make this sort of game. So while it is playable (at least on the hardware it's been tested on), don't expect the animations/movement to be as smooth as could be achieved if this same game were built using other software.

All sounds are licensed from under Soundsnap license. All other content is developed originally by me.