Astroid Runner | Xbox One

Astroid Runner
Xbox One

Astroid Runner is an Asteroids clone done for the Space Mods competition hosted by Yoyo Games (creators of Game Maker Studio 2) back in the tail end of December 2018.

There's a Classic Mode and an Adventure Mode. In Adventure Mode you can choose one of two characters and help them pursue their galactic dreams of making it big or making it out alive. Classic Mode is your typical Asteroids type gameplay, even with inertia! (Which by the way, you can turn on or off for some truly classic gameplay!)

I had plans of further modifying and expanding the base game, we'll see if that ever happens! I didn't win any spot in the competition, but I'm super proud of this game, especially because it's one of the few that I've created and taken to completion from beginning to end (the other one is Winged Victory). I've also added the zip file with the GMS2 project so you can see how everything was put together. Enjoy the fruits of my labor!