Aventyr | Xbox One

Xbox One

Take the role of your own created adventurer and explore a mysterious world filled with landmarks and magical creatures! Action-RPG with focus on world exploring, fighting creatures, train skills, find and craft epic items or just relax, get lost in the music in a big fantasy world!

You start of by making your character, choosing a class (fighter, adventurer, ranger, craftsman) and then head out!  There is a “main quest-line” with 4 quest (to start with but more quests is in development) where you as the player is part of the world’s story. There are also side-quests which you can do to get money, skills or loot. 

There are 5 skills you can train in: 

  • Combat 
  • Fishing (unused in prototype)
  • Mining 
  • Foraging  (unused in prototype)
  • Runeforging  (unused in prototype)
    (new skills may be added) 

The game is still in development and expansions and extra content will be added regularly. Follow this game to get all the latest devlogs and updated clients!

I hope you will follow this project with me! Note that what you are seeing in game right now is not the final product. It's a game that is gonna envolve with time! And with any early access game, there will be bugs for sure.  Please don't hesitate to leave feedback or thoughts and enjoy!

Check the wiki page for more info!


  • Game concept, design & code: Eroxxie
  • Art: finalbossblues
  • Music: Jonathan Shaw