Aw Nutz
Xbox One

Have you ever wanted to be a nut? How about a pistachio? Well, now you can! Choose from a wide variety of legumes and assorted nuts as you try flinging into the mouths of your enemies. Play with friends or with complete strangers as 1 human vs. 5 nuts! Porl the Human is deathly allergic to nuts but still has chores to complete. How will he fare when he finds out that nuts have broken into his home?human's JobComplete Human Tasks Like...
  • Watching TV
  • Vacuuming the Stairs
  • Washing the Dishes
  • Cleaning up rooms
  • Preparing Dinner
  • And More...
nut's JobOnly One Job...
  • land In Some Guys Mouth
GameplayWhile the Human performs normal human jobs the nuts must try and land inside the open mouth to win. If the human can complete all the tasks in the allotted time then they win. If neither the nut nor human win before the time runs out then it is a draw and everybody loses!