awaren3ss den1ed | Xbox One

awaren3ss den1ed
Xbox One

There's an artifact left in my mind. Some kind of memory from a higher state of existence. A world where you're not supposed to collect stuff, but to amplify a caring frequency. Maybe love. If successful, we will return to our source to be recharged. I'm sure i glitched out on my way back.

continues the story of 'meloveyou' ... 
Process 90.91 is back and digitally pissed after being abused by the corrupt kernel. 

The core was torn to pieces, because Pr0x_90.91 is hard to digest. Someone or something has equipped 90.91 with mind-expanding modules, which among other things allows to look deeper into the matrix of cyberspace.

This game is an experimental trip like its predecessor. With more glitches, noise, real puzzles and a lot of secrets. You can rush through in 10 minutes... to end up with nothing, or you [think, search, try out stuff, read and combine]...

...glitches and bugs are features...

OS: Win7,8,10 | Mac OSX | Linux 
AMD or Intel  / min 1.8ghz MultiCore
4 GB RAM recommended
~200MB free space
3D Graphicscard//Full Hardware GPU recommended

NO JUMPSCARES,'s some sort of puzzled MetaHorror which lurks in the fundamentals of a transhumanistic beyond. Some thoughts went 'out of bounds', so this game is really experimental. Don't expect explanations for everything, because that's up to you. Story may not readily consumable. Puzzles are difficult. Always take a closer look.

Technical problems or questions? Contact me (Discord/Tumblr/Mail  > DevPage)