Feel the thrill of yourself, once again hearing someone walking right behind you, in a completely deserted alley.
Your feelings and logic are very important in this game.
Feel like a detective in a strange and extremely dangerous place.
Investigate the loss of people, simultaneously solving puzzles and trying not to fall into the trap.
You will need to complete the entire puzzle first of all for yourself. You must understand what is happening, who is behind it all and how to stop it, if it can be stopped. To search for evidence you need to be as careful as possible, but not concentrating on just one thing. This can play a trick on you!
And yes - you are the only one who was sent to this city. The government believes that some large sect has been located in the city, so residents are not allowed to get in touch. Officially, your task is a diplomatic visit. If you fail, the question will be raised about military intervention, which threatens a transition to a full-scale war and, as it turns out, people around the world will be killed by what people are not able to realize.


  • Pretty unusual horror game to play.
  • Say " NO !" to darkness in horror projects!
  • No scrimmers! Only real horror!
  • No superpowers, you are an ordinary person who can die.
  • The game is developed by one person and represents an integral vision of the correct horror project.
  • Sustainable game development roadmap, including multiplayer for 2-8 people.