Bald Light 2 | Xbox One

Bald Light 2
Xbox One

Overall :

Bald Light 2 is a 2D Brawler where you play powerful and charismatic bald men with the incredible ability to reflect light with their shaved head.

  • From 2 to 4 players (Solo mode coming soon)
Controls (controllers only): 
  • Left Stick ⇒ Move & Aim
  • A                   ⇒ Jump (double Jump)
  • X                   ⇒ Headbutt & LightBeam (underlight only)

Each character as his own gameplay and light beam:

Jeremaud:  His majestic glasses store light to shoot one time after leaving light. Pierroult: Fire an additional beam with his incredible second little bald head. Respinois: Able to use fabulous long range headbutts. Xardy: Throw the mighty beam of knowledge that pierce through other characters. Credits: Game designers and programmers:

Alexandre Kadri

Benoit Deneaux

Mathis Bressaud

Paul Lyaudet


Laura Cerutti (environment)

Loline Bongiraux (characters)

From an original concept Bald light