Battlewing Alliance | Xbox One

Battlewing Alliance
Xbox One

My entry for ToyBoxJam 2019!

Humankind is at war with a hostile alien race called the Skrull.

The idea of this concept and prototype was that you would start off liberating the solar system from the Skrull invaders, and then seek out allies by liberating other alien races from Skrull oppression. They would then join you in an alliance and offer you better technology to upgrade your ships. As you go you would fight more and more titanic Skrull battlecruisers until you finally invade their space in the Gataxian system.

Fighter controls:

W/S - Move forward/backward

A/D - Turn squadron left/right

X - All fighters will fire their weapons

Z/X - For menu navigation (pico8 'O' button = 'z' on keyboard, pico8 'X' button = 'x' on keyboard)