BBRMS: Insane School | Xbox One

BBRMS: Insane School
Xbox One

So guys. Ever since I saw the first mod of my custom map, I just want to tell you guys about modding my custom map. Well you guys can mod my custom map but just remember to give a credit to me for the custom map alright? or else they might think that you made the custom map and it's not gonna end well for you so remember that alright?


Paulor94 - Map creator

mystman12 - Original creator of Baldi's basic

G-Rex Studio - The owner of Baldi model

Mojang2468 - Map idea

TheBaldiModder452 - Made some posters, textures and loading screen and tips, new Slender Baldi sprites

Zerra1010Zarra - Made some loading screens and tips

Filename3 - Loading screen inspiration and some script are from him

Loskythecopydog77 - The owner of the characters in Losky poster

MariiBound2003 - Made Marii and Gifttany characters and sounds

JohnBB06 - Made new BAL_MainMenu voice

RealT5mpler - Numpad tutorial

MrDrnose - The owner of Laura sprite

rapparep lol - Minimap idea

redracer2006, Leox08, grumpytristanM, loler1232, Suns1202, Momotron23, cheggie and colyderp2 - The owner of all the chalkface sprites that appears on the chalkboard