Be patient. | Xbox One

Be patient.
Xbox One

This is the best game in the world! be patient and wait for that door to open, meanwhile you can do whatever you want, the most fun is what's behind that door, see you later

What this game?

This game is boring, all you do is wait a long time, and there's no end, believe me ... THERE'S NO END, this is the worst game ever made in this story, and you just stay in a room waiting for something if you want play this, don't PLAY! There is nothing interesting, unless you expect something, but there is nothing cool about it, it is boring, boring, and boring, I would recommend playing another game, if you want to play it, play it at your own risk, have fun...

Oh I almost forgot, you might have some boring prizes, for example:

$ 0: a normal game

$ 10: a normal game (but nothing)

$ 500: Have your face in the Hall of Borning

$ 9999999: Nothing.


Some textures by Cyberix3d, Sonic Schoolhouse, Paint

Game, code by Tubbiealismo

Editor by Cyberix3d

How to be patient

MADE FUK IOGA,YOUR IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!