Beacon | Xbox One

Xbox One

Beacon is a sci-fi action roguelite that plays like a top-down shooter. You're tasked with fighting your way through a randomly generated alien world, trapped in an endless search for your ship’s emergency distress beacon — your only hope to signal for rescue after crash landing.

In your search you’ll not only find weapons and items to help you; you’ll also be collecting DNA from the enemies you defeat. When you inevitably die, you’re given the opportunity to integrate the DNA you've collected into your genome, allowing you to alter your statistics and gain gameplay-altering physical mutations for your next clone's life.
Beacon aims to combine fast, frenetic action with ambient exploration, giving the player a rich world to scavenge on their mission to find rescue.
6 Randomly Generated Levels -- Enter at the outer forests, fight your way through the swamp, and push through the pollution to the Prism Vault where your Beacon is being held!
A rich multi-faction world to explore -- Discover the mysteries behind Kovus 18, find tinkered Weapon Variants left behind by previous clones, and track your secrets found percentage at the end of each level!
6 Unique Weather Types with Storm Events -- Avoid or make use of Hailshards, Tesla Storms, and Polluted Tornadoes.
100+ Items Spread Across 4 Item Types -- Regain an advantage with one time use Pickups, activate your re-useable auxiliary, swap your grenade mod, and stock up on passive mods!
75+ Weapons -- Spread across 5 factions each with their own unique technologies.
75+ Mutations -- Gain new abilities with each death and alter your character into something not quite human.
35+ Enemies with 8 Champion Variants -- The varied factions that inhabit Kovus 18 will fight each other as well as you.
8+ Boss Fights -- Including the Solus Hivemind and Prism Mainframe!
DNA and Mutations
DNA is the core of Beacon’s gameplay loop. Through the use of Freja’s state-of-the-art Clone Bay and DNA dropped by deceased enemies, upon death you’re given the opportunity to alter your genetic makeup, changing your statistics before a fresh clone is ‘printed’ back at the beginning of the game. Each faction has their own set of unique DNA and mutations, allowing you to become a battle-hardened mass of metal, a luminous abomination of insect flesh, or anything inbetween.
After you’re finished with the reconstitution process, your fresh clone body will be printed out of the Clone Bay back at your ship’s wreckage, ready for another attempt at searching for the Beacon.
One of the most important aspects of a roguelite is loot. In Beacon, there are five main item types that will aid you in your battle to find your Beacon; Weapons, Grenade Mods, Pickups (One Time Use), Auxiliaries (Cooldown After Use), and Passives.
Each faction in the game has its own diverse set of items and weapons influenced by their unique technological preferences and aesthetics. For example, the robotics-focused Prism faction prefers to make use of sonic and tesla technology, while the insectoid Solus make use of acid and blinding light.