Beer Ranger | Xbox One

Beer Ranger
Xbox One

Beer Ranger is a platform/logic game in the oldschool style.

You are on a quest to find as much beer as you can. You have a team of the best Dwarfs, who are skilled in finding kegs full of a golden liquor. Beware, there are many merciless foes and cunning traps, which can give you a hard time. Using smart strategy, proper dwarf or agile fingers will bring you closer to the desired goal.

- 8 dwarfs with awesome powers (2 unlockables)
- 5 game modes with ..
- over 25 extensive levels, full of action and puzzle stuff! (including 2 super hardcore levels for really mad people)
- wooden signs with tips and biting notes from the creator
- well-hidden Secret Gems (collecting 7 of those unlocks mighty Dwarf King! )
- Map Creator - design your own levels with anything you'd like
- special codes to change aspects of the game
- oldschool - no fancy decorations or intrusive rewards, finishing the level is a true reward
- hatred of the creator after playing the Original Mode
- Beer Ranger Challenge


This challenge is for true champions of platform games. The champion who will manage to complete the Original Mode and will record* this achievement, will be placed** in the game Credits as the True Beer Ranger forever. The challenge ends 2 months after the release.
* record full play, post video in the Internet and notify the creator.
** with more than one champion, the lesser number of deaths at the end will be the measure to choose the best one.