BF-19 Bundle | Xbox One

BF-19 Bundle
Xbox One

Lamb: Your son has been taken. Can you survive and save him? Prepare for jumpscares and suprises in this game! Just a note this is the first game under my name, I have worked on others in the past so pls don't hate on me too much. THX!

Vomit Simulator: Experience vomit like never before! Enjoy this accurate representation of vomiting in Vomit Simulator by benfellers!



This game is on the FBI watchlist. (JK)

Your brother has been taken by some sicko. Can you find him? (Note: This game is still in development so don't expect much from it yet. Will continue developing it. To keep up follow me here.)

404: You are a cyber security person. You must pull data from illegal mob sites on the dark web. But don't get caught!

The Whale Cult: You are a newspaper reporter who has screwed up one too many times. You must gather evidence of a secret cult for the front page or you will be fired. Do you have what it takes?

(New games coming 2020)!