Big Red Hood: Halloween | Xbox One

Big Red Hood: Halloween
Xbox One

Genre: kinetic novel (without options), match-two puzzle, fantasy, ecchi, humor, eroge

Duration: about 2-3 hours

How is it being a lewd spoof hero of one particular famous fairy tale? One one hand it kinda sucks - traveling through an enchanted forest bodes many dangers, there's always some magical creature from parallel worlds that wants to eat you. On the other hand, you can magically battle them and strip them eventually by your phenomenal combat spell, and then enjoy the charms of your amazing rivals to the fullest. This fairy tale won't end as usual though, but it's not like the hero would have any regrets.

The second part of the Arrows series, an indirect sequel to Arrow Tourney game. It has more diverse gameplay and some new features. The game features high-quality art as before with new lovely girls to conquer. Erotic adventures with maidens of different kinds, intrigues, and epic final await you. The game will impress as the fans of visual novels, so as good puzzle lovers.