Bionic Commando | PC

Bionic Commando

Bionic Commando is the sixth installment in the series of this name. It is a science fiction game in which the protagonist can use his robotic arm for various purposes.


The game directly continues the plot of the original 1988 NES game. It is set in the near future, ten years after the first Bionic Commando. The protagonist of the previous part, Nathan "R.A.D." Spencer, a "bionic" cyborg soldier, makes a return. He is voiced by Mike Patton, the vocalist of Faith No More.

Despite his heroic deeds, Spencer was framed for crimes he was not guilty of and sentenced to be executed. The government releases the protagonist after a terrorist attack that destroys the whole Ascension City. Spencer has to clear his name and earn his freedom by finding and defeating the perpetrators of the attack, the BioReign organization.


The player controls Nathan from the third person view. Unlike the original Bionic Commando, the sequel is in 3D. The level design allows the player to fully explore all three dimensions as it includes skyscrapers the protagonist has to climb.

The most definitive part of the Bionic Commando gameplay is Spencer's retractable bionic arm. The limb increases his reach and strength, allowing the protagonist to swing across the gaps and canyons and throw heavy objects and enemies. The player can also use two types of guns: the Tungsten gun for weak rapid fire and the Prototype gun for powerful single shots.