Bit Defender | Xbox One

Bit Defender
Xbox One

Bit Defender is a tower defense game that you should to stop the enemies to attack the bits from a computer.  The game contains a lot of tower's options to you build your own strategy and destroy all of enemy's types that you will encounter in the game.


 The game shows in which areas that computer need help and you should click.

In each area, there are bases that you could build the towers,  you can do this clicking the mouse inside the base. After that, a tower's bar will appear and you should choose which tower you want to build, each tower has a price. As you destroying the enemies, you will get more points to build more towers. The game ends when you save all 10 areas from the enemies attack.


Programming: Fábio Lamin, Rodolfo Moraes

Game design: José Netto, Fábio Lamin, Rodolfo Moraes

3D models: Rodolfo Moraes