BLACKOUT (itch) (Lightwatch) | Xbox One

BLACKOUT (itch) (Lightwatch)
Xbox One

Blackout - A horror game, for the Grape Fruit Game Jam December 2019.

Programmer: Brent Pappas

Artist: EJ Hernandez

WARNING!! This game contains jump scares and horror elements!

You wake up in a strange facility, the lights are out. It is pitch black. You must escape by using your radar to figure out your surroundings. Find the three keys and then the exit  on the floor to escape. But their is something strange lurking here... Good luck ... you'll need it...


WASD to Move

Mouse to Look Around

Left Click to use your Radar.


Download the Game's Zip file.

Unzip it with Winrar or other unzipping application. 

Open the games folder and click the application to play.