BLOCK WARRIORS: "Open World" Game | Xbox One

BLOCK WARRIORS: "Open World" Game
Xbox One

  • Block Warriors - a open-world game in a cubic style. You have the whole city called Voltorn City, filled with
    Entertainments and dangers! Your goal is to climb the career ladder and establish your empire in two different ways!
    You can legally earn, acquire businesses, real estate and just work at a construction site or take in
    hand arms, become a leader of a criminal group and rob a bank!
  • Full customization of the character.
    Buy clothes of various kinds, accessories or you can go to the barber shop and completely change the image.
  • Buying business.
    On the bank account accumulated a little money? Put them into business and manage it! In Voltorn City there are many types of real estate!
    From a simple bar, to an office or a club!
  • Buying a property.
    If you have nowhere to live, then the realtor agency offers you several types of houses and apartments! Buy real estate,
    From the room in the hotel to a two-story house on the edge of the city, built in a modern style!
  • Robbery.
    Every shop can be robbed. Be it a grocery or a bank! Each institution has a cashbox and a safe. Before
    Robbery you will have to stock up on a drill! Don't forget about weapons! You have to deal with the police and special forces of Voltorn City!
  • Gang Wars.
    Your gang has a hierarchy! You must get gang respect, helping to clear the territory of the bandits. The higher your rank,
    The more revenue will go to you!
  • Garages, car tuning, auto show.
    Tired of joyriding? Buy a garage and a car in the showroom! Tuning-garage provides repair services
    and tuning. You can change the color, improve the engine, install neon and much more!
  • Explore the game world in third or first person!
    In the future, we will add an online mode and expand the city!