Xbox One

blocks is a simple platfomer designed to be easy to pick up and fun to play. As you progress, the game gets increasingly more difficult, requiring you to master power-ups and timing to win! The first game by new developer BlueRichter, the game is designed to test your platforming abilities for both new and experienced platformer players.

Key Features:
  • Over 40 unique worlds
  • Three Different Game Modes: Casual, Competitive, and Speed-Run
  • Replayability

Game Modes:
  • Casual: Play the game casually, with checkpoints and no timer, allowing for a more relaxing experience playing
  • Competitive: More of a challenge, this mode has no checkpoints and a simple timer, requiring a higher skill level
  • Speed-Run: The ultimate way to play, designed to play through the game in one sitting, with progress being erased if the game is left

Game Developed and Published By: BlueRichter (@bluerichter)