Blood Hawks (SuitsnNukes) | Xbox One

Blood Hawks (SuitsnNukes)
Xbox One

NOTE: Selecting the dinosaur is basically hard mode -- don't say I didn't warn you!

Take to the skies as you fight back the swarming buzzard army in this modern take on the classic arcade formula. Based on the retro titles "Joust" and "Joust II", control the warrior as they mount up a variety of different creatures to take on the enemy mounts in this action packed adventure!

Local 2 player co-op is planned, and the game currently supports both keyboard and Xbox controller inputs.

----------- Sound Credits ---------------- 

Music in the demo stages by Gerwin Kramer, subject to change. 

Sound effects in the game ( so far ) from various Partial list, subject to change, of the contributing artist:

Buzzard Cry --AntumDeluge 
Blood Hawk Killed --Robinhood76
Gore Squish --MWLANDI 
Gore Squish --original_sound 
Various Monster noises --Michel88 
Bones Breaking --debsound 
Heavy Thud -- ForTheHorde68 
Swift Move Effect-- LloydEvans09
Teleport sfx -- qubodup
Pop -- greenvwbeetle 
Revive SFX-- JavierZumer