Blue Duck | Xbox 360

Blue Duck
Xbox 360

Blue Duck

Explore the map as a blue duck in search of a golden crystal. Be warned a single hit and your out! How high can you get your score? How quick can you get to the golden crystal? Put your scores in the comments!

P.S. I made this game in only two days.


Movement = WASD

Aim = Mouse

Shoot = Spacebar


Score:    Displayed top left

     Increase your score by killing enemies and Destroying crystals.

Time:    Displayed top middle

      The amount of time alive. It stops when you find the golden crystal.


     You can unlock doors if you have more points then the number displayed.

Credits:  Henry Turbedsky.

With some helpful ideas from friends.

This game was made in two days just to challenge myself. Hope You Enjoy Playing!

Constructive feedback would be amazing!