Blue Slime 2D Platformer | Xbox One

Blue Slime 2D Platformer
Xbox One

My first ever game created. It's not pretty but it's something i'm proud about. 

Not knowing how to program on C# and no experience with Unity 2D I decided to make a game for the next school project. 

The game is still in need of map design and cool futures but with limited time this became the state of my first game.

My attempt at making a 2D Platformer game with Unity 2D. Designed to be hard,  similar to IWBTB in a way but not close.

  • Use arrow keys to move

Controls - Feels a bit off since i tried to make the character (slime) movement more slimy.

Main Menu - 2/3 buttons work, the play button and exit. Options Button works but does nothing. When Play is pressed, to QUIT game you have to tab out and close the program or finish the entire game and at the end there will be a QUIT button to press.

Maps/scenes - Total of 4 scenes. 1 is main menu, 2 tutorial level, 3 main level, 4 end credits.

Music - Work in progress. Didn't manage to make a good song in time so I had to rely on NCS music.

Music Credit to: Lensko - Cetus _NCS Release_  and Link - Jim Yosef

End Credit Music: 333811__shadydave__feelings-of-twilight-loop

Better update maybe in the future