Board Horde Alpha | Xbox One

Board Horde Alpha
Xbox One

A fun demo version of Board Horde!

Fast paced skateboarding game. Originally started as a GameJam game and continued on to become a playable skate game! You can skate in a very shiny city.

The project is a prototype, and part graphics demo for my skills. Together with some really cool people we managed to get a fun sandboxy-style demo game for you guys to play around in.

We're aware there's bugs and the game level can be glitched! Thats why we got a cool restart button :)


System specs are not measured, but not too heavy. There is a "low quality" version inside the game.

Project is currently not in development, as there's no team and the game is too much to build for a single person.

Special thanks :
Marnix Rekkers : Environment art help
Walter Haynes : Programmer to build the gameplay elements.

Charley van Veldhoven & Merijn Bergé : for the music soundtrack

Christopher van der Kieft : Character model and animations.

Stephan Rumping : Game logo