BoX -containment
Xbox One

Prove your skills on the tricky challenges of BoX -containment-!
An ultimate mix of puzzle and arcade games is waiting for you. Resolve head-scratching puzzles, overcome traps and sneak past the heartless opponents.

The tiny box Boredox and her friends need to find an exit out of a mysterious prison. Not only a lot of speechless boxes is blocking their way; evil, polygonal enemies are running crazy to delete everything near them.

Can you help them to find the exit? A lot of stamina and severe discipline is necessary to beat the ten different challenge rooms which will get harder very fast.

There will be no classic Game Over in this game. Only giving up means Game Over.
This game will take your death-counter to the maximum.This includes the box
◇ lovely package - evil inside
◇ Over 100 very difficult stages
◇ Riddles that will melt your brain
◇ Heartless enemys on speed
◇ Different, playable boxes
◇ 35 unlockable achievements (ingame)
◇ Music by Chris Zabriskie, Decktonic and TardissWhy this box? - why not!
As a tiny solo-game-developer I´m absolutely amazed that my game got the chance to be on steam.
I thank you all very much for the support and hope that some of you might enjoy the experience (and pain) through BoX -containment-. And maybe you even learn something about yourself...maybe...