Bright Steel | Xbox One

Bright Steel
Xbox One

The boss of the neighbouring dungeon has insulted your cat over twitter. This injustice cannot stand! Drop whatever productive work you were doing and correct this dishonour.  

But I won’t be easy. The evil cat denouncer has deployed her army of spamspider followers. Now your twitter feed is flooded gifs of her ugly dog. Disgusting! Expunge them all. 


  • Repeatedly stab annoying chibi spamspiders. 
  • Randomly generated dungeons. 
  • Get combo-ed into spike traps and insta die. 
  • Refuse to use a controller even though I told you it works better that way. 
  • Fight a challenging boss at the end. 
  • Get confused why nothing mentioned in the synopsis above is in the game. 


  • Only for Windows. 
  • Controller and Keyboard support. 
  • Controls can be rebound. 

Controls (Keyboard / Xbox Controller):

  • Attack: Z / A
  • Roll: X / B
  • Minimap: A / Right Bumper
  • Charge Attack: C / Left Trigger

Additional credit goes to the following assets:

  • VGATypewriterSans by Void 
  • VoronoiLib by Logan Lembke 
  • Unity-BitmapFontImporter by Litefeel 
  • Monogram by Datagoblin