Broken Chains (basstabs) | Xbox 360

Broken Chains (basstabs)
Xbox 360

Centuries have passed since the war between the Court of the Goddesses and the Court of the Gods, one century less since the Court of the Gods was imprisoned deep in the Earth and the lands of Theaonia returned to the Court of the Goddesses. Bitterness and resentment seep through the land like a poison, tainting the hearts of men. One goddess's ill-fated attempt to cure the strife forces fate onto a voyage towards catastrophe. Stripped of her goddess-hood and shunned by her kind, she alone can sway the winds of change guiding the ship of fate.


Broken Chains is an ongoing interactive fiction story with a mythological bent and a heavy focus on bondage, DiD, and some BDSM elements.  Story choices will have a heavy impact on how the story plays out, and causing chaos and mischief will open up new story paths. Lore will gradually unfold and fit into place as more chapters are released.

The menu on the left can be used to navigate backwards through the story if you are unsatisfied with your choices. Newer chapters will be locked behind completion of older ones as certain decisions in early chapters will drastically influence what happens later, so be sure to save your progress using the menu. If you usually clear your browsing history or always use private browsing, then be sure to download your progress so that you can upload it when the next chapter is released.



First Order Font (Used in maps) by Iconian Fonts:

Fantasy Map Icons by Calthyechild:                 
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