Broughlike Godot | Xbox 360

Broughlike Godot
Xbox 360

  • WADS / Arrow Keys: Move the Player
  • 1 - 9 numbers: Cast Spell
How to Play

Reach the door of each room fighting enemies and using your spells! Every 3 treasures you collect you'll gain a new spell slot!

  1. WOOP: Teleport Player to a random free space.
  2. QUAKE: Damage all characters the more walls they're next to.
  3. MAELSTROM: Teleport all characters to a random free space.
  4. MULLIGAN: Reset the level with all your spells, but only 1 HP.
  5. AURA: Heal yourself and enemies adjacent to you by 1 HP.
  6. DASH: Move the player forward until hits a wall or enemy, causing damage around.
  7. DIG: Replaces all inner walls with floors and heal 2 HP.
  8. KINGMAKER: Heal all monsters and generate a treasure on their tile.
  9. ALCHEMY: Turn all adjacent inner walls into floor with treasure.
  10. POWER: Next player attack does 6 damage.
  11. BUBBLE: Duplicate spell to the empty slot below.
  12. BRAVERY: Shields the player form attacks for the next 2 turns, and stuns enemies.
  13. BOLT: Shoots a lightning in the facing direction.
  14. CROSS: Shoots lightning in the cardinal directions.
  15. EX: Shoots lightning in the diagonal directions.
What's This?

This is an adaptation to Godot from a JS tutorial to create a Broughlike game:

You can also check the source code for this game at: