Bulk | Xbox One

Xbox One

How To Play:
Bulk is played with two players
first player control her/him character with A and S (A to go to right and S to go to left)
second player control her/him character with Left and Right arrows (Right arrow to go to right and Left arrow to go to left)

The main goal of the game is increasing number of your character's clones and hit the other player when number of your clones is higher than him or her to win the game.

there are two ways to increases number of your clones
1- touching the cloning point.
2- hit the your competitors' clones and turn them into the cloning point and collect them before they disappear.

for more speed collect the speed-up items.
and avoid from touching columns otherwise you will move more slowly for a while.

if all keys which, are be in corners, be collected by players the yellow arena will decrease and disappear and players will be have more interact in small red arena.