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COSM Worlds is a viewer that lets you zoom into any object down to the molecular level and explore the tiny alien worlds within. COSM Worlds offers both VR and non-VR experiences, for OSX and Windows.Explore structures based on real datasetsReal 3D structure data is used to visualize large molecules, DNA, and cells. We plan to add MRI, CT scans, additional cell types, and much more.Watch real-time simulationsSee molecules scan DNA to express genes, or carry sacs of molecular cargo through the cell. We’ll be adding more simulation features to pack the worlds with action.Learn more about what you seeWorlds are annotated with descriptions so you can learn more about the processes happening around you or write your own tours and use COSM to teach others.Build your own worlds and share with friendsWe’re creating our own world-building tools for use by the community so together we can create even more.Connect tiny worlds to build a multiscale simulation of the universeAs more worlds are built, they can be connected through zooming. Together we could build a model of the entire universe!