Calamari Clash
Xbox One

Calamari Clash is a competitive multiplayer versus game in which you duke it out with your friends for victory… and survival.

You play as a Calamartian, a species from an alien world, who along with its companions crash on an unknown planet. The only way to escape from this place is to dash it out against your friends to charge the spaceship’s battery by holding it as long as possible. Only one can escape this mysterious planet, it better be you.

The unknown planet knows a rich environment of pink and purple shades with beautiful but very toxic and deadly water. The flora here is quite unusual featuring things like jumpable flowers and various other power-ups. Of course, like all things beautiful, it is ruined by the debris of your crash!

Key Features
Chaotic Fun
Constant chasing and switching of who is in the lead can lead to some challenging and chaotic fun with your friends.
Comfort First
Play this game from the comfort of your home by inviting friends and relatives to come and play fast-paced sets. It is the ultimate game for the gamer without lots of time for couch games with friends.
Beautiful Environments
Immerse yourself in beautiful forest environments that seem to come from a fairy tale. Just don’t be too distracted to get yourself dashed into the water.