Card Warz
Xbox 360

A card battling game against a particularly dumb computer foe.

Note: Be SURE to click the  FULLSCREEN button to see the whole game!

After the Yogscast compo is over, I will upload a version that has the correct
resolution by default.

Take your opponent down by chipping away at his life before he does the same to you.

There are 6 tyes of action cards plus "Power Cards". Power cards are just numbered cards that you must attach to the action cards in order to make them function.

Soldier: Attacks opponent with the given power card that has been attached to him

Tank: Attacks opponent with 2x the given power card that has been attached to him.

Tanks are rad, but the sabateur can half their damage.

Spy: [Does not require a power card. Offensive only.] Removes the selected card type from the opponent's deck.

Sabateur: Attacks just as a normal soldier unles he is attacking or defending a tank in which case he will sabatoge the tank causing it to do only half damage.

EMP:  [defensive only] Neutralizes a nuke no matter its power.

Nuke: A nuke will defeat any other card except an EMP or another nuke. In the case of another nuke, the powers will be compared and the excess power will damage the player with the lowest power nuke.